Biospotix Flea Repellent Dog Collar for large breed dogs with a collar size, no larger than 75cm, is a totally natural flea repellent giving chemical-free, natural protection from external parasites such as fleas, ticks, Mosquitos, lice. 

100% natural active ingredients using geraniol essential oils.

Based on Geraniol essential oils, Biospotix active ingredients dehydrate the Chitin (The chitin is the main component of the cell walls, the exoskeletons of insects and arthropods)* and block the insect's respiratory system. Parasites are then repelled by smothering and dehydration, the gaseous phase of  geraniol does also help to dehydrate eggs and larvae giving Biospotix excellent ovicidal and larvicidal properties.

This Flea repellent collar is water resistant and the active ingredients are spread all over your dog or cat's coat via the sebum. Therefore, a collar worn around the neck protects all your pet body and prevents against fleas and ticks infestations.

Each box contains one collar which lasts for up to 4 months. For Dogs with a collar size no bigger than 75cm.   

Place the collar over the neck, leave a space of 2 fingers and cut extra length. Top tip: place the remaining collar length in your pet basket or in the vacuum cleaner bags.

Do not use on animals with skin lesions, pregnant and lactating females or animals under 3 months old.

Store at room temperature. Avoid contact with eyes and mouth. External use only. Keep out of reach of children. In case of ingestion or if irritation persists, consult a vet. Geraniol can cause an allergic reaction.

Also availble from Biospotix - Spot on and Spray.

As only 5% of adult fleas are on your pet whereas 95% are in the pet's environment it is strongly recommended to start their treatment with your pets environment by using Biospotix Indoor Spray.