Straight feed for dogs
Supports internal intestinal care

Canis Plus Vermcurat contains Kamal Fruit powder. This is used for worm infestation as a natural means of reducing parasites when the animal is already infested with worms. It contains nothing but the tried and tested Kamala fruit hair powder, a dietary supplement which can have a beneficial effect on the intestinal environment by making it unconducive to worms. The Asian Kamala plant (Mallotus philippinensis) is a tree-like member of the spurge family (Euphorbiaceae), from which the fine soft brownish red fruit hair powder is taken from the outer seed capsule.

Kamala fruit hair powder can support intestinal cleansing when parasites are excreted in the faeces, thus preventing a major diet-related worm infestation. In addition to a healthy diet, the administration of Vermprevet herb mix every three months can strengthen the body and create less need for chemical deworming.

Canis Extra Vermcurat

    • 100% Kamala Fruit Hair Powder

    For dogs weighing up to 5 kg: Add 1 pinch to food.
    Otherwise for dogs of all sizes and weights: 1 measuring cup.

    One dose is generally enough. If the infestation is persistent or perhaps made up from several different types of worm then Vermcurat can be feed once every seven days for up to three weeks. Once the inspection of the faeces no longer reveals an infestation, the regular administration of our Canis Extra Vermprevet can improve body strength and reduce the need for chemical deworming.