Our easily digestible, grain free pollock menu offers an alternative for food sensitive dogs. Pollock contains essential omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, the positive properties of which can benefit the heart, skin, gastrointestinal tract and joints. The highly tolerable fish meal brings a seafood option to the menu and can therefore be fed in combination with our other complete menus.

Older dogs, in particular can benefit from the regular feeding of our complete pollock menu.The balanced recipe withcarefully matched ingredients, allows transparent feeding thanks to an open declaration of the ingredients. With a 67% fish content, this cereal free menu is particularly species appropriate. Canis Plus® complete menus are an alternative to raw feeding and a delicious change from the Canis Plus® pure meat products, such as our meat pots or meat rolls. They are also ideally suited for feeding in combination with our cold pressed Canis Plus® dry food. Should you feed both wet and dry food in two meals, then proceed to feed one meal half of the specified amount of the complete menu and in the other meal half the ration of the daily amount of Canis Plus® dry food.



Canis Plus® Pollock Complete Meal with parsnip and mango

    • pollock 67%
    • parsnip 12%
    • pollock broth 12%
    • mango 5%
    • apple 3.5%
    • dill 0.5%

    All Canis Plus Complete Meals are guaranteed to be free from:

    • fillers
    • artificial antioxidants
    • colouring agents, preservatives, attractants and flavourings
    • synthetic vitamins