Canis Plus Vit/Min Variety Flakes provide the optimum vitamin, mineral and fibre-rich complement to Naturavetal Meat Pots and Meat Rolls. It is an ideal supplement for the confirmed raw diet enthusiast as it contains vegetables, fruit, millet and herbs. More importantly, in order to retain the texture and valuable secondary properties of the plant material in full, on no account should the vegetables, fruit and herbs in flake blends be precooked. Everything grain and grain-related in a flake blend must first be fully solubilised so that it can be properly digested by carnivores. Canis Plus Vit/Min Variety Flakes are therefore innately perfect for dogs: The millet is carefully solubilised and granulated so that the open texture of this substitute grain is easily digested by dogs and leaves them feeling satisfied at the same time. Vegetables, fruit and herbs are gently air-dried. So dogs can benefit from the full power of plants with their vitamins, minerals and trace elements.

Canis Vit/Min Variety Flakes