This impressive horse meal is grain-free containing high-quality horse meat, zucchini, pumpkin, salmon oil and organic eggshell powder as a source of calcium. This special horse menu is highly recommended for allergy sufferers and dogs that are food sensitive. It can also be easily integrated into an exclusion diet. The balanced recipe with carefully matched ingredients, allows transparent feeding thanks to an open declaration of the ingredients. With 66% meat from a protein source, this grain-free menu is particularly species appropriate.

Canis Plus® Complete Menus are an ideal alternative to Barf/Raw feeding. Also, our Canis Plus® pure meat products such as our meat pots or meat rolls make a delicious change. They are ideally suited for feeding in combination with our cold-pressed Canis Plus® dry food varieties. Recommended daily feed for two meals: one half of the specified amount of the complete meal in one meal and half the daily dose of Canis Plus® dry food in the other meal.

Canis Plus® Complete Horse Meal with zucchini and pumpkin

    • Horsemeat and offal 66% (muscle meat 70%, heart 12%, liver 11%, lung 7%)
    • zucchini 13%
    • horsemeat broth 12%
    • pumpkin 8%
    • eggshell powder 0.5%
    • salmon oil 0.5%

    Contents: 800 g
    Best before date: 12 months

    All Canis Plus Complete Meals are guaranteed to be free from:

    • fillers
    • artificial antioxidants
    • colouring agents, preservatives, attractants and flavourings
    • synthetic vitamins