Balanced meal packs for working dogs. Feed 3-3.5% of your dogs target weight daily (for pet dogs, feed slightly less, 2.5-3%).These meals are prepared with chunks of muscle meat, tripe and minced offal. The offal is frozen separately to the meat so you can easily adjust it to suit your dog's individual needs. There is a bone-free option, or you can add chicken bone to the pack using the drop down menu. 


Made with 100% UK sourced, high welfare meats.

Ingredients: Beef muscle meat 80% (bone free / complementary option), ox heart 10%, liver 5%, mixed beef offal 5%. Poultry neck packs have 70% muscle meat and 10% net bone (chicken neck), other ingredients unchanged. Muscle meat includes 10% beef tripe.

Utterly Rawsome - Protein Pack (Beef)