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Scotland's only referral holistic veterinary medicine practice
As a referral service, we work alongside your local conventional vet to ensure a holistic approach and the most appropriate treatment for your animal.
Our vets are highly qualified, holding some of the most advanced certifications available anywhere in the world in Western herbal medicine and traditional Chinese veterinary acupuncture.


Holistic medicine means considering all aspects of your animal's life from diet to environment through to their emotional and physical well-being. Each animal is treated as an individual, no two treatment plans are the same. Together with your input, we will carefully formulate a treatment plan to meet all of your animals’ needs, a plan that also works for you.


We offer holistic consultations, herbal medicine, acupuncture, raw feeding, and home-cooked diet assessments, Traditional Chinese Medicine, physiotherapy, and laser treatment.


Our purpose-built, on-site dispensary and can offer a dispensing service to other practitioners.

Get help and advice through our in-house talks and workshops on holistic pet care topics


You can also visit our fully stocked shop with raw food, natural treats, herbs, and supplements.



Based in the heart of Glasgow at 123 Alison Street, we're here for you and your animal. We are Scotland's first and only herbal veterinary practice, offering a completely holistic approach to animal health and welfare.

As a referral service, we will work alongside your usual vet. Book an initial consultation today. 


"Our 10 year old Beagle, Larry was diagnosed with Adrenal Gland cancer in May 2019 and we were told that that he may have only a few months left with us as it had already spread to his liver and spleen. Distraught at this news, we began researching, desperate to help our precious boy in any way we could.  We found Reagan and Jordan at Herbal Vet Scotland and our outlook for Larry changed dramatically. From our first appointment with Reagan, we felt positive, reassured and in control. We were provided with nutritional advice, knowledge about the type of food that would support Larry’s immune system and given herbal remedies personally tailored to Larry’s condition. 7 months on and Larry’s quality of life has improved remarkably. He is more energetic than he ever was before his diagnosis, and weekly appointments with both Reagan and Jordan, confirm that he is still a very healthy boy and we have been given the most precious gift of all - extra quality time to appreciate and love our boy. Reagan and Jordan go above and beyond to help us with anything we need to provide the the best care for Larry, and Larry adores them both. I had never seen him happy to visit a vet, until we met them. We will forever be grateful that these wonderful ladies came in to our lives and would not hesitate to urge anyone who is concerned about their pet's health to contact Herbal Vet Scotland, you won’t regret it."

Gary and Siobhan Millward with Larry

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We are a small, family-run practice in the heart of Glasgow. Our vets Reagan and Jordan are twin sisters and our sister Lauren is practice manager! As a small team we get to know our patients and clients well, we know the importance of feeling like part of the family.


Food & Toy Shop

Our shop is the best place to buy wholesome food, eco-friendly pet toys, and herbal medicines. 

You'll find a range of raw foods and natural treats, in-house blended herbal remedies, natural supplements, and a range of eco-friendly toys, collars, and leads.