At the Vet


Holistic Consultations

Initial consultations are 60-minute appointments.


- Discussion of history and info from intake form

- Full clinical examination

- Full Traditional Chinese Medicine Examination

- Any additional tests we feel is relevant (will vary depending on case) eg microbiome analysis

- Nutritional review

- Formulation of an individual treatment plan 

- Formulation of diet plan

- Acupuncture treatment 

- Dispense herbal medications (stock dependent)

- Discuss relevant time frame for review

- Contact primary vet practice 

Measuring Tincture

Holistic Health Care Plan

 We offer a holistic health care plan from only £15/month!

  • 30 minute consultation 

  • Titre Test- reducing over vaccination.

  • 2x Worm Counts including lungworm

  • A years supply of herbal worm repellent

  • A years supply of herbal flea and tick repellent

  • 10% off all other consultations and acupuncture 

  • Herbal Vet Health Care bag and information

Holistic Health Care Plan


 We offer a holistic health care plan from only £15/month!

  • 30-minute consultation 

  • Titre Test- reducing over-vaccination.

  • 2x Faecal egg count including lungworm

  • A years supply of herbal worm repellent

  • A years supply of herbal flea and tick repellent

  • 5% off all other consultations and acupuncture 

  • Herbal Vet Health Care bag and information

Holistic Health Care Plan

From only £15/month!


Before acupuncture is given your pet will be examined to assess the condition being treated. As we at Herbal Vet Scotland believe in holistic practice we will assess more than just the presenting complaint and look at things like diet too. Acupuncture can be used to inhibit pain pathways and can also cause the release of hormones and chemical messengers in the body resulting in more generalised pain relief.

Our vets are qualified in both the western approach to acupuncture and hold a diploma in traditional Chinese acupuncture through the International Veterinary Acupuncture Society.

Acupuncture can be used for a range of clinical conditions or diseases including:

  • Muskuloskeletal diseases such as arthritis, disc disease, traumatic nerve injury

  • Respiratory problems such as feline asthma

  • Skin problems such as lick granulomas and allergic dermatitis

  • Gastrointestinal problems such as diarrhea

  • Selected reproductive problems


Laser Therapy

Laser therapy has been proven to be of tremendous benefit in reducing pain, muscle spasms, and inflammation as well as also increasing the speed of wound healing and therefore recovery time from surgery.

This makes laser therapy an ideal treatment choice for orthopedic cases such as hip dysplasia, elbow dysplasia, chronic arthritis, sore backs, strains, and sprains. Surgical and trauma cases also benefit as it promotes accelerated healing allowing your pet to have a quicker and more comfortable post-operative healing experience.

We pass the laser probe around the joint or affected area and the deep penetrating light increases the circulation bringing in oxygen and nutrients promoting healing of damaged cells. The treatments do not require sedation and most animals relax and enjoy their treatment. 

This revolutionary, state-of-the-art treatment enables your animal to benefit from a drug-free, pain-free and surgical-free treatment method that stimulates the body’s own self-healing abilities.



All of the herbs we use at Herbal Vet Scotland are the highest possible grade and quality. We have our purpose-built, on-site herbal dispensary where we carry a wide array of herbal products. We only use ethical products - either wild-harvested or organically grown.


After carrying out a thorough examination we select an array of herbs to suit your animals needs and blend them into a tailor-made mix, specifically for them.


Herbs are used to help maintain optimal health within the body. Health is not merely an absence of disease, but the proper functioning of all the body systems, working synergistically together.

To find out more about herbal medicine clinic on this link:

British Association of Veterinary Herbalists


Additional Services

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Health Checks

We firmly believe prevention is better than cure.  At a health check, your animal will receive a full western clinical exam, a Traditional Chinese Medicine exam, evaluation of diet as well as appropriate further tests. 

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Chiropractic Treatment

safe, gentle, specific spinal manipulation to free joints in the spine or other areas of the body that are not moving freely. This technique is often combined with acupuncture to form a truly holistic approach

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Microbiome Testing

Your animals gut is filled with good bacteria essential for many functions within the body. Microbiome testing allows us to see which areas your animal needs support with then form a tailored treatment and diet plan for their specific needs.

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Rehabilitation and home exercise plans

we aim to return your animal to their best possible function - be that better mobility, strength, gait, balance, flexibility, or any of the other things their bodies need to be able to do for them to carry out their daily lives.


Faecal Worm Egg Counts

A simple faecal test, that allows us to check your animals current worm burden, and advise treatment as appropriate. This helps reduce over worming.

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Antibody Titre Testing

A blood test to allow us to check your animals current antibody levels - this helps prevent over vaccination.


"We have been going to Jordan and Reagan for nearly three years. We get acupuncture regularly and take some herbal remedies and supplements. We also moved to a raw food diet and can honestly say we have never felt better. We are now eleven, but feel years younger, everyone we meet thinks we look great for our age, modesty, of course, prevents us from agreeing!

We are now attending their beautiful new premises which are fantastic - lovely and relaxing. Mum and Dad are always saying we are so lucky to have such great facilities and care - think they might be jealous. We would certainly recommend Herbal Vet Scotland, we love our visits."

Jake and Zack McDougall