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Additional Services

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Health Checks

We firmly believe prevention is better than cure.  At a health check, your animal will receive a full western clinical exam, a Traditional Chinese Medicine exam, evaluation of diet as well as appropriate further tests. 

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Chiropractic Treatment

safe, gentle, specific spinal manipulation to free joints in the spine or other areas of the body that are not moving freely. This technique is often combined with acupuncture to form a truly holistic approach

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Microbiome Testing

Your animals gut is filled with good bacteria essential for many functions within the body. Microbiome testing allows us to see which areas your animal needs support with then form a tailored treatment and diet plan for their specific needs.

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Rehabilitation and home exercise plans

we aim to return your animal to their best possible function - be that better mobility, strength, gait, balance, flexibility, or any of the other things their bodies need to be able to do for them to carry out their daily lives.


Faecal Worm Egg Counts

A simple faecal test, that allows us to check your animals current worm burden, and advise treatment as appropriate. This helps reduce over worming.

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Antibody Titre Testing

A blood test to allow us to check your animals current antibody levels - this helps prevent over vaccination.

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"We have been going to Jordan and Reagan for nearly three years. We get acupuncture regularly and take some herbal remedies and supplements. We also moved to a raw food diet and can honestly say we have never felt better. We are now eleven, but feel years younger, everyone we meet thinks we look great for our age, modesty, of course, prevents us from agreeing!

We are now attending their beautiful new premises which are fantastic - lovely and relaxing. Mum and Dad are always saying we are so lucky to have such great facilities and care - think they might be jealous. We would certainly recommend Herbal Vet Scotland, we love our visits."

Jake and Zack McDougall

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